PS—LA is a digital & entertainment production agency based in Los Angeles. Collectively, our team draws from diverse industry experience across film ideation, production, and marketing. We bring this intimate knowledge of the industry to bear through our work, crafting culture-piercing creative campaigns that amplify and broaden the reach of the stories and clients we support.

Digital Design

  • Digital Strategy
  • Identity Design
  • UI/UX
  • Packaging Design
  • Social Media/Display

Concept Art

  • Characters
  • Environments
  • Storyboards
  • Prop Design
  • Animatics

Original IP

  • Blue Sky Ideation
  • World Building
  • Story Development
  • Teaser Videos
  • Pitch Books

Our Team

  • Steve Jung

    Head of Studio

    An 18-year veteran of the entertainment industry, Steve’s experience ranges from film, animation, video games and other entertainment genres. He has over 20 big screen credits as a member of the Art Directors Guild including Avengers, Transformers 2-5, Pirates of the Caribbean, Thor, Terminator, among others.

  • Brian Miller

    Director, Business Development

    For more than a decade, Brian has managed a myriad of programs and projects within the world of entertainment. His background includes notable achievements in sales, marketing, and creative production.

  • Geoff Wheeler

    Animation Supervisor

    An alum of Sheridan College’s Animation Program. Geoff has 18 years of experience as an animator and storyboard artist. He’s worked on more than 15 Feature films throughout that time, 3 of which won the Oscar for best animated feature film. Hand drawn 2D, CG, Stop-motion, VFX, full feature character animation, television and feature storyboards…Geoff’s done it all.

  • Bryce Travis

    Sr. Art Director

    A seasoned director and creative lead, with experience crafting branded campaigns for emerging and established brands alike. As Loot Crate’s Creative Director from 2012-2015, Bryce helped guide the startup to the top spot on Inc. Magazine’s feature on the fastest growing startups in the United States. Since then, Bryce has applied the same design-driven approach to his work for clients such as Adidas, Disney, Fox, and Gatorade to name a few.

  • Jeff Walton

    Head Writer

    A veteran Hollywood screenwriter and creative producer who has worked on feature films for studios including Sony Animation and Universal Pictures. He has written an award winning, top rated animated TV series for China’s CCTV network and had an original thriller selected by The Hit List as one of the best spec scripts of the year.

  • Edward Kil

    Concept Artist

    With a background in the gaming, theme park, & animation industries, Edward is skilled in keyframes, character, environment, and vehicle design. During Edward’s brief moments of free time, you will spot him fishing alongside his friends and family.

  • William Chung

    Concept Artist

    A lifelong fan of video games, movies, and doodling, William has been drawing ever since he’s had full control of his opposable thumbs. He attended Art Center College of Design to pursue his dream of making the imaginary into something real through the art of concept design. His artistic journey led him to work for various short films and clients including Disney Interactive, LuLulemon, Microsoft, USC, and Technicolor.

  • Elina Mushinskaya

    Storyboard Artist

    A Ukrainian born mutant from the depths of Chernobyl, Elina’s love for cartoons and comics led her down an artist’s path. After studying character animation at the California Institute of The Arts and hustling as a freelance artist, she’s made her way to Parallax Studios. When she’s not drawing storyboards or designing characters, she likes to tend to her overgrown house plants and watch poorly dubbed foreign horror movies.

  • Joyce Koo

    Concept Artist

    After graduating with a degree in biology, Joyce ended up turning a 180 to pursue her passion of art instead. Her journey brought her to Art Center College of Design where she studied concept design, before landing at Riot Games and currently Parallax. She loves coffee, cats, and the occasional game of D&D.

  • Gary Liu

    Director of Finance

  • Marie Tabarez

    Office Manager

    From humble Dr. Phil beginnings to the fast-paced world of MasterChef, Marie has met her fair share of unique and talented characters in the entertainment industry. She has also had the pleasure of collaborating with folks at CBS and PopTV before finding her current home at Parallax Studios. As much as she loves a detailed spreadsheet and meetings starting on time, it’s also important to note that she also enjoys the finer things in life like charcuterie and a fresh churro.

  • Kacey Candido

    Finance Coordinator

    Kacey Candido has joined our team as our Finance Coordinator, she carries with her 25 plus years of Finance and Staff Accountant experience.